Best Coast


The Only PlaceWichita Records ***

They first made an impression with sun-blazed stoner pop,but Best Coast’s second album showcases a more understated aspect of the LA duo’s repertoire. The Only Place is certainly sonically slicker than its predecessor; recruiting versatile producer Jon Brion pays dividends on the lush jangle of the title track and the brilliant No One Like You, a song that showcases Bethany Cosentino’s beautiful croon as lucidly as it does the dreamy soundtrack. Criticisms? Well, these 11 songs do stick a little tightly to the lovelorn 1960s girl group formula, only occasionally deviating into more rambunctious territory (Let’s Go Home). This is hardly pioneering stuff, but it’s hard not to fall under the spell of these wistful songs when they’re done so well.

Download tracks:Do You Still Love Me Like You Used To, No One Like You