Beady Eye


Different Gear, Still Speeding Beady Eye Records***

Liam Gallagher was up against it as soon as he announced his intention to form a band without his brother. True, Noel may have been the brains behind Operation Oasis, but Liam has made a fair fist of his own solo(-ish) endeavour. The toning down of his childish swagger has allowed Gallagher to write some decent songs. Yes, the band's pilfering of Beatles riffs ( The Beat Goes On, Wigwam) is undeniable, there are more than a few dull fillers, and the soft-rock streak running through Kill for a Dreamis somewhat worrying. Yet the swinging 1960s pop of Bring the Lightand the brisk Britpop-aping Millionaireare genuinely gratifying, while slow-building closer The Morning Soncaps an album that is well-paced, melodic and surprisingly listenable. See

Download tracks: Millionaire, Bring the Light, The Morning Son