AR Kane


Complete Singles Collection One Little Indian ****

You’d swear this career- spanning collection from AR Kane was the work of some contemporary young turk. Alex Ayuli and Rudy Tambala’s dream-pop was minted in the late 1980s, and their beautiful, subtle, soundscapes were light years ahead of the pack. You’ll find traces of their avant-garde indie pop, for example, in the work of everyone from Radiohead to Four Tet. While many of their peers have been lavishly lauded for the infuences of their work, AR Kane have rarely received the same recognition, despite considerable critical and commercial success – they were part of the crew who produced the smash hit Pump Up the Volume. This retrospective should readdress that imbalance and show that the band’s fierce, exhilarating, glorious mission to twist indie rock in new directions with noise, dub and jazz remains something to treasure.

Download tracks:Haunting, Up, Pop