Mirad - A Boy From Bosnia


TEAM Theatre's production of Mirad - A Boy From Bosnia, by Ad de Bont and translated by Marian Buijs, is a moving affirmation of the humanity we have in common with the victims of the world's self-inflicted cataclysms.

Media accounts inform and trouble us; this searing piece of theatre engages the emotions and touches the heart. Here, in a simply told story of one boy and his relatives, is a revelation of man's inhumanity to man, and of the regenerative instinct to survive.

It tells of a representative few who looked into the mouth of the monster; of the religious persecution of Muslim atheists; of the trauma of pregnancy after rape; of friendly neighbours turned torturers.

As enacted by Natalie Stringer, A J Kennedy, Andrew Lover and Brid McCarthy, and directed by Susie Kennedy, this terrible story touches us with its pity and terror, and with the revelation of an improbable hope.

Continues to December 6th; booking at 6795720