I Am From

By Michael Ward (14), Beaufort College, Navan, Co Meath


I am from big fry ups and cups of sugary tea.
I am from mashed spuds and gravy and sausages
And my auntie’s cakes.
I am from late night kebabs, chicken rolls and haribos.
I am from boxing training 4 nights a week
And games of xbox with my brother.
I am from dreams of the Olympics and going pro.
I am from cheating at snakes and ladders
And astroturf football.
I am from my family;
The help and support of uncle Brian
And the protection of my mother.
I am from “give it a go’’
“Always make an effort’’
“Stop fighting with your brother.”
I am from prayers to keep my family safe
and doing my Glory Be’s.
I am from England
I am from Ireland.
I am from pride and care,
Hard work and respect.