Donald Clarke's Weekly Movie Quiz


1 Who has been Jack Ryan, John Book and Rick Dekard?

2 Which of this week’s releases is an expansion of a short by the same director?

3 Who is playing whom in the photo on left?

4 Which film spawned sequels imaginatively titled 1975, ’77 and ’79?

5 Ben Whishaw takes over as which ingenious quartermaster from next week?

6 What were we playing in This Sporting Life (1963)?

7 What are Roderick Jaynes’s real names?

8 Who comes next: Richard Donner, Richard Lester, Sidney J Furie, Bryan Singer?

9 Why might a Franco Nero spaghetti western and an upcoming Quentin Tarantino film make you think of Sean Penn?

10 A film by Derek Jarman. 9 in a film by Neill Blomkamp. Whit Stillman’s debut. Played by Emily Blunt. What city are we beneath?

And the answers . . .

1. Harrison Ford

2. Frankenweenie

3. Anthony Hopkins as Alfred Hitchcock in the upcoming Hitchcock

4. Airport (1970)

5. Q in Skyfall

6. Rugby League

7. Joel and Ethan Coen (their pseudonym when editing)

8. Zack Snyder (directors of Superman films)

9. London (cryptic references to underground lines: Jubilee, District [9], Metropolitan. (Young) Victoria)

10. Django is the Nero film. Tarantino’s latest is Django Unchained. Penn played a version of Django Reinhardt in Sweet and Lowdown.