Donald Clarke's Weekly Movie Quiz


DONALD CLARKEgives us another intriguing movie quiz

1 Which huge franchise has just been handed to director JJ Abrams?

2 Which key 21st century film follows the grim exploits of Anton Chigurh?

3 Identify the disguised actor (above).

4 Which current film dramatises the event known popularly as “the Canadian Caper”?

5 What links Stephen King, JG Ballard, Patrick McGrath and William S Burroughs?

6 Who’s next: John McTiernan, Renny Harlin, John McTiernan, Len Wiseman?

7 Michael Haneke, Fernando Meirelles, Pedro Almodóvar and Ang Lee are the last people to achieve what feat?

8 Who are Angelica, Danny, Tony, Pablo and Allegra?

9 What does new release Flight have in common with Alive, Cast Away and Fearless?

10 Why might If… and The Thin Red Line make you think of a 1960s Disney feature?


1. Star Wars

2. No Country for Old Men

3. Peter Lorre

4. Argo

5. All had works adapted by David Cronenberg (The Dead Zone, Crash, Spider, The Naked Lunch)

6. John Moore (directors of successive Die Hard films)

7. Directors of films largely in a foreign language to be nominated for a best director Oscar (not counting The Artist or Babel)

8. The children of John Huston

9. Each begins with a plane crash

10. The titles come from works by Rudyard Kipling, who wrote the The Jungle Book, filmed by Disney in 1967.