Called to the Bar


With all that was said about Dublin's Temple Bar as a place where artists could actually work during the formation of the cultural quarter idea, it's heartening to see that Temple Bar Properties is making studios available for writers. The studios, at 11 Eustace Street, have been seen and indeed coveted by this columnist.

What is described as a "nominal fee" will be charged for the spaces, which should give writers a breathing space. It is very much to be welcomed too, that verbal culture should have a presence in the Bar, because - probably in an attempt to redress an age-old imbalance - visual culture has been predominant there since the project began.

The studios won't be suitable for lots of writers, though - those living in a family situation, for instance - and it's a shame some sponsorship couldn't be found for bursaries to go with the studios.

News of the six offices available to cultural organisations at a low rent is also welcome, as is the formation of a panel of visual artists from whom public art will be commissioned in the coming year. Phone 01-6772255 for information.