Tweeting the Universe: Tiny Explanations of Very Big Ideas, Marcus Chown and Govert Schilling

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Thu, Oct 17, 2013, 12:52


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Tweeting the Universe: Tiny Explanations of Very Big Ideas


Marcus Chown, Govert Schilling

Faber and Faber

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The authors of this curious little tome are a cosmology consultant and author (Chown) and an internationally acclaimed astronomy writer (Schilling). Neither could be counted as Twitter nerds, so this book of big questions and short answers was a bit of a departure for both, in format, if not in content.

Keeping neatly to the numbers, the book answers 140 questions. Each question is given a compact answer in 10-15 tweets of 140 characters each, or less, so you have a series of short paragraphs or bullet points under each question.

Given the constraints of the space in this format, Chown and Schilling deal admirably with the questions that have formed the basis of scientific and philosophical investigation for centuries. However, reading this collection will probably tickle your curiosity, rather than satisfying it.