The Boy Who Gave His Heart Away by Cole Moreton

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Sat, Jul 29, 2017, 06:00


Book Title:
The Boy Who Gave His Heart Away


Cole Moreton

Harper Element

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The true-story of two football-mad, 15-year-old boys: both fall unexpectedly ill, simultaneously, yet 300 miles apart. One needs an immediate heart transplant to stay alive; the other is brain-dead and a perfect match. Marc and Martin have never met, yet shall for ever be connected. One mother is saying goodbye; the other is clinging on to a 1 per cent chance of a successful transplant. While confidentiality protects all donor and recipient’s families, they can choose to receive anonymous updates. After many years, the two mothers agree to meet and become dear friends. Author and broadcaster Cole Moreton has bonded with both families, met the boys’ medical teams and lovingly narrates the memorable tale of Marc and Martin. At times, the narrative becomes repetitive and disjointed, but its honesty and emotion shed light on the importance of organ donation. Without parental consent, two children would have died on this fateful day. Many hearts were metaphorically broken, but one literally saved a life. Behind every outstanding medical success story, there are emotional and, in this case, inspiring human stories.