Poetry: Washington Square studio


A late self portrait shows Edward Hopper

Glowering beneath a brown fedora;

His depression so evident...His wife

Bustles about the room trying to lift

The mood, wearing her favourite high heels

And nothing else, her ruby hair startles

Across her milky shoulders, “Look” she laughs,

“Your own private ‘Girlie Show’! Don’t be such

A grump”. But no good, he’s sunk in gloom,

Lost in late night diners, stale hotel rooms,

Wandering a wintry storm blasted beach.

She flops in his lap, gives his nose a tweak,

Whispers close inside his ear; “How’s about

You and me Baby, go dancing tonight?!”

Daniel Reardon’s book of poems, In The Lion House, was published by Gallery Press. His play, Bleeding Poets, was nominated Best New Play Irish Times Theatre Awards 2009. For more tan 30years he worked in the RTÉ Radio drama department and has acted with many Irish theatre companies