Ben and Pablo’s Adventure

Fighting Words: An extract from a piece by 5th class, Castaheany Educate Together, Dublin 15

Ben the Billionaire was eating ice-cream after a long, hard day. The ice-cream van was parked just outside Castaheany Educate Together National School in Ongar, Dublin 15.

All of the people in the school were asking to be Ben’s friend – but it was only because of his money. He bought an ice-cream for his new friends, but one of them, Jake, threw the ice-cream at a van.

Ben felt hurt. “I’m not buying you ice-cream anymore!” He ran home crying. “Are all schools like this?” After Ben ran away, his friends started throwing ice-creams at each other.

On his way, Ben passed Ongar Park. Pablo the Genius was by the swings in the playground. He saw Ben crying so he went over.

“What’s wrong Ben? Are you okay?” asked Pablo.

“I’m fine,” Ben replied, sobbing.

While Ben and Pablo were talking, they saw a hedgehog selling Sonic shoes. They cost €10,000! Ben bought them and ran around Ongar Park in one millisecond.

Then he ran into Domino’s Pizza and Pablo joined him. Ben wiped away his tears with his money. Ben ordered a pepperoni pizza and they went back to Ongar Park.

When they got there, they spotted Pablo Chungus II, the bank robber squirrel. Pablo Chungus II chased them around the park. Pablo the Genius said, “Throw the pizza!”

Pablo Chungus II started crying and ran away to a secret base under the Day to Day shop that he used. In the secret base, he had golden acorns that he had robbed from another squirrel a long time ago.

Ben and Pablo went home in Ben’s private jet. They saw some birds and landed at Ongar House. Then, Ben ordered some staff to cook a private dinner.

Ben and Pablo were in Ben’s room. They had just finished eating their dinner when they heard knocking at his door…

(Sent in by Pavel and Peace)

The Story Seeds project supports young people to write with the aim of enabling them to understand their own life story – their personal, circumstantial and emotional story and their place – be it geographical, social or imaginative.

The pieces included here are a small sample of the creative work from the Story Seeds project.