A taste of cybercraic


Snatches of conversation "overheard" in the Virtual Irish Pub.

* psuzanne: cracker *wonders what she said was so funny* What college, what do you do

* Cracker: psuzanne>>the cracke about drinking tea!!! I supposed you drink black coffee???? I teach information technology

* FraZor: Go-Bo/ FIONN3>>Do either of you know a girl called Fransesca? Metal chick.

* Maria 20: thibor: Are you trying to say blood-corpuscle??

* FIONN3: COMMIE - was Mr Butler, my old history teacher one of them (I always had my suspicions!!). So do u like soccer/music etc etc (Trying to change the subject to something i know stuff about)

* tim: Maria20. what does that mean?