Davy’s global search finds the answer at home

The head of the investment section at Davy Private Clients has been cleared for the chief executive gig by the Central Bank

After a "global" headhunting process for a chief executive for its enlarged Davy Asset Management unit, the brokerage found the answer in its own backyard.

Paul Giblin, who was the head of the investment section at Davy Private Clients, has been cleared for the gig by the Central Bank. Giblin will lead a team including Chantal Brennan, who joined as chief investment officer earlier this year from PineBridge, and Pramit Ghose, the DAM stocks boffin and "global strategist", who joined the firm when it took over the assets of Bloxham.

Giblin, a former Merrill Lynch man who recently got a nibble at some big deals including the Alibaba flotation, is seen as a bit of a rising star within Davy. There is no shortage of young turks in the blue-blooded House of Davy, so that is high praise indeed from his peers. Huzzah!