Stockbrokers heed words from on high


THERE has been much discussion in financial circles about comments from Central Bank officials at last week's press briefing. The officials expressed the wish that people would spend less and save more. But asked about how they might act to achieve this, one senior central banker said they could always pray.

This meeting of God and Mammon was taken up by a number of stockbroking firms in their market comments. Riada's "Prayers of the Faithful" headline wasn't bad, but the Margin's prize goes to Davy stockbrokers. They commented that the economy "is like a car hurtling downhill at break neck speed with the guy who is supposed to be driving it prostrate on the back seat, fingering his rosary beads". The brokers headed their weekly missive (or should it be missal) "Lord Bless Us and Save for Us." Amen to that, we say.