Irish pension fund assets reach €127.5bn

Deficit continues as liabilities reach €136.1bn

Photograph: iStock

Photograph: iStock


The total assets of the Irish pension fund sector grew by 1 per cent in the first quarter of the year, reaching a total of €127.5 billion, new data from the Central Bank has shown.

Pension fund reserves, which are primarily composed of unit linked insurance products and are the largest asset holding of Irish pension funds at €50.41 billion, increased by €1.18 billion. Equity funds were up €370 million and financial derivatives were up €323 million.

Total liabilities at the end of the quarter were €136.1 billion, continuing the deficit trend.

Total memberships of the sector were 1.37 million at end-2020, including 578,000 members who are making contributions and are not yet retired; 690,000 deferred members, those who are no longer making contributions but have not yet retired; and 103,000 retired members.

Some 46 per cent (625,000) are members of defined benefit scheme, with 54 per cent (745,000)in defined contribution.