Little Things


CABLE TV operator UPC has put its PR contract out to pitch. Incumbent Unique Media will present, along with Conway Communications, Hunter PR, Heneghan PR and Pembroke Communications.

The contract is believed to be worth six figures. The main project this year will be the rebranding from the NTL and Chorus brands to the UPC name.

If you wanderinto Fagan’s pub in Drumcondra on Sunday afternoon and see a bunch of men all wearing dark glasses, don’t be alarmed. The venue has been chosen by Sky Ireland to help trial its new 3D service and the Arsenal-Manchester United game from the Emirates will provide its debut here.

I don’t know if Bertie will be popping in to his local to watch his beloved Red Devils in all their 3D glory but it would make a great photograph.

Denis O’Brien willswap Davos for Belfield next Thursday when he and RTÉ broadcaster Pat Kenny become the latest UCD alumni to come together for what the organisers say should be a “highly insightful and engaging illumination” about their college days and subsequent careers.

It’s part of the Characters in Conversation series featuring high-profile graduates. Fortunately for O’Brien, the venue is Astra Hall in the sports centre and not O’Reilly Hall, funded by rival Sir Anthony O’Reilly.