Book review: Hit Brands

Daniel M Jackson, Richard Jankovich and Eric Sheinkop. Palgrave Macmillan, €29.99

Hit Brands
Author: Daniel Jackson, Richard Jankovich and Eric Sheinkop
ISBN-13: 9781137271471
Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan
Guideline Price: €29.99

Every major global brand already uses and invests in music as part of its communications as music has the power to make a brand instantly recognised. However, very few have created “hits”. This well- researched book looks at this phenomenon and, with input from three leading industry experts, shows how to execute successful music strategies.

The book includes case studies from Coke, Sephora, Nescafé and Converse amongst others, and ranges from the strategic use of mnemonics to harnessing conversations in social media.

Jackson also makes the point that the B2B music industry has been a constant in an industry that has been turned on its head. It has an intact supply chain, with a growing and fully functioning market. Brands are also acting as distributors of music. The money they spend on licences and the media amplification of the music they choose makes them a serious force for breaking new music, getting it heard and adding sales .

Nonetheless, Jackson, founder of UK music branding agency Sonicbrand, says the market is irrational, and there is no globally accepted model for pricing music or measuring its effectiveness.