High-tech car-pooling to ease congestion


CONGESTION CAR-POOL SOLUTION:CAR-POOLING using mobile phones with navigation functions, will become easier this month thanks to Avego, a new technology designed by Irish firm Mapflow.

Avego allows drivers to connect with potential carpool passengers who are travelling in the same direction, who can then contribute to the driver's fuel costs, paying for the journey on a per-mile basis using Paypal or a credit card.

The technology has the potential to cut congestion and gives both drivers and passengers a way to reduce their commuting costs.

Like eBay, Avego will feature a rating system so that passengers can rate drivers. It is also expected to include a function so that female users can opt exclusively to travel with other female users.

Mapflow is currently negotiating with a number of potential partners, including UK-based company Liftshare, which has 275,000 users.

"Most of the US doesn't have the public transportation system in place to take people to where they work. We want to turn every empty seat into a transport option ," said Sean O'Sullivan of Mapflow.