Energy body established to cut CO<sup>2</sup> levels


Sustainable Energy Ireland, a new energy authority that will work to reduce CO2 and greenhouse gas emissions in the State, was set up yesterday by the Minister for Communications, Marine and Natural Resources, Mr Ahern.

The new authority will be responsible for the expenditure of €223 million over the next five years. Its remit relates to improving the State's energy efficiency as well as "advancing the development and competitive deployment of renewable sources of energy and combined heat and power".

It will also look at ways of reducing the environmental impact of energy production and consumption.

Sustainable Energy Ireland will advise the Government on policies and measures aimed at stimulating sustainable energy policies "and actions by public bodies, the business sector, local communities and individual consumers".

The body's chief executive, Mr David Taylor, was previously director of the Irish Energy Centre, which has been subsumed into Sustainable Energy Ireland.

He said the new authority had set "ambitious targets".

"Our programmes are designed to encourage early action and leverage investments by industry, consumers and the public sector," Mr Taylor said.

"We will be seeking the highest possible market uptake of sustainable energy practices in a manner that will have an enduring economy-wide impact and which will ensure security of supply for the future."

The authority will have offices in Dublin, Cork and Sligo and will offer a national service from the Renewable Energy information office in Bandon, Co Cork.