Eircell and Esat on message


Users of Eircell and Esat Digifone mobile phones will now be able to send text messages to one another after the two operators agreed to a direct interconnect of their networks last week.

Up to now, the short message service (SMS) worked only between those using mobile phones supplied by the same operator. Now, however, those with 086 phones will be able to send short text messages to those on the 087 network and vice versa.

"SMS as a service in this country can really take off now," said Mr John Gunnigan, director of interconnect and regulatory affairs with Esat Digifone. He said Esat intended to roll out a number of SMS services in the next couple of months.

Meanwhile, IBEC and Forfas have published a business user's guide to telecommunications in an effort to help firms deal with the complexity of new technologies and services in the sector.

As well as describing the changes taking place in the Irish telecoms market, the guide summarises the range of advanced networks and services available to customers. It also contains a glossary of terms, a directory of all the key players in the Irish market and a unique set of maps covering broadband service availability throughout the Republic.