Irish companies best for social media

Ireland competes well with European counterparts - Eurostat

Social Media Concept cao education twitter

Social Media Concept cao education twitter


Ireland has the highest percentage of businesses with a formal social media policy, new figures from Eurostat show.

According to the EU’s statistics agency, some 20 per cent of Irish enterprises have a formal policy, compared with an EUaverage of 8 per cent, and18 per cent in the Netherlands, 17 per cent in Cyprus, and 16 per cent in Denmark. In nineteen Member States, the share was below 10 per cent.

The same study also found that 48 per cent of Irish companies use at least one form of social media. This is the third highest in the EU, behind Malta (55%) and the Netherlands (50%).

Three-quarters of Irish companies have websites, above the EU average of 73 per cent, with Finland the best performer in this category at 94 per cent, followed by Denmark with 92 per cent.

Looking at specific types of social media, 28 per cent of enterprises in the EU28 used social networks (e.g. Facebook) in 2013; 11 per cent multi-media content sharing websites (e.g. YouTube); 10 per cent blogs or micro blogs (e.g. Twitter) and 6 per cent wiki-based knowledge-sharing tools.