Digifone dials up challenge to Eircell


THE moment of truth has arrived for Esat Digifone which becomes Eircell's rival today as the second mobile phone operator. The company launched the service last night, complete with attendant razzmatazz, and customers can join from this morning.

Yesterday afternoon as Digifone's joint chief executive Mr Barry Maloney was putting the finishing touches to things, the Margin rang him. How long would it take to get connected, we asked.

"That depends on the length of the queues in the retailers!" he quipped. The correct answer is about 30 minutes.

The Margin noted that Digifone got off to a flying(?) start on Wednesday - the day after it unveiled its easy to follow tariff structures. ISME, the vociferous small firms' lobby group gave the service a ringing endorsement, berating poor Eircell along the way.