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SmileLife: Straightening 1000s of smiles during Covid-19

The dental tech company is helping people to straighten their teeth from the safety of their own home during a global pandemic

During Covid-19 the entire treatment process can be done from the safety of home by using an Impression Kit.


This is how they do it. 

Founded in 2019, SmileLife saw that people were crying out for teeth straightening. Unfortunately, the expensive prices of traditional metal braces were holding some people back.

So SmileLife was founded with the mission of giving people a straighter smile for a better price.

The best part? During Covid-19 the entire treatment process can be done from the safety of home by using an impression kit.

After you qualify for treatment you can order an Impression Kit.

After you qualify for treatment via the SmileLife quiz, you can order an impression kit. This allows you to book a video call with a dental consultant. During the call, they will show you how to make the best impression moulds possible for your clear aligners.

After you make your moulds you’ll send them back to SmileLife who will then design your personalised treatment plan. This will show you how your teeth look now and how they will look after treatment. 

Your treatment plan will look something like this.

Left: 7 upper aligners - 3.5 months. Right: 5 lower aligners - 2.5 months

If you like what you see then you can purchase your clear aligners on that same page. 

What happens next? 

Your custom-made Clear Aligners are printed in the SmileLife lab and sent to your door. 

The next step is trying on your clear aligners. This is where things get interesting. Your aligners work by applying gentle, painless pressure to each of your teeth until they are straightened. This is done by changing to a new aligner every 14 days.
While completing your SmileLife treatment from home, you’ll have a 5-star support team at the ready whenever you need them. You’ll also have access to our amazing app that allows you to track your progress from start to finish. 

The whole process is fast, affordable, discreet and effective - thousands of people can vouch for that. 

Here are three of their stories below. 


Gavin described his 7 month Smileife treatment as “excellent”. 

In his interview with SmileLife he said, “It was much much better than I expected it to be. From the first minute I walked in everything just went perfectly.”

“Especially the scan that I did where I was shown how my teeth would look after treatment. I was quite skeptical at first because I didn’t believe it could be so easy, but as soon as I had my scan I knew that this was what I wanted.”

“My teeth were quite bad beforehand so I said I’d give SmileLife a go and I don’t look back now, it was the best thing I ever did.”


Gaby told SmileLife, “My bottom teeth were really inverted and I didn’t really notice until my boyfriend pointed them out to me one day and said, ‘Oh Gaby, your teeth’ and so I thought to myself ‘right I need to get myself some clear aligners’ and luckily SmileLife came into the picture to help.”

Gaby even said that her dental hygiene improved during treatment. She noticed that she was brushing her teeth after every meal before putting her aligners back on.


In just three and a half months Berta’s gap between her front teeth was shut forever. 

Berta had previously worn traditional train-track braces when she was a teenager and found the experience so much different. This is what she had to say:

  • Her aligner treatment was three and half months while traditional braces took one and a half years
  • Her aligners were comfortable and her braces were uncomfortable and painful
  • Aligners were removable and easy to clean while the braces were fixed and difficult to clean. 

Overall Berta said that her aligners were a much more comfortable, cheaper and painless experience than traditional braces. 

Even Conor McGregor's coach John Kavanagh is on board. 
Even Conor McGregor's coach John Kavanagh is on board. 

SmileLife have a Flexi Fi payment plan that starts at just €55 per month (which requires a €40 deposit to start), or you can pay for the treatment in three instalments of €516 (after paying a €250 deposit).

Otherwise, you can save €300 on the treatment by making a one-time payment of €1697 – which is up to 70 per cent cheaper than getting traditional wire braces.

If you decide to sign up for the treatment, make sure to mention ‘TheIrishTimes‘ to get a free electric toothbrush with your purchase.

To find out if you’re suitable for SmileLife Clear Aligners, complete their 15-second smile quiz

For more information about SmileLife, check out their website.
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