According to the press blurb, “ Urban Trial Freestyle has been influenced with the support of Julien Dupont, the ‘godfather of urban trial freestyle’”. To clarify, “urban freestyle” is stunt-biking in a city environment. And I suspect this game has been most “influenced” by the game Trials Evolution. Like its spiritual forbear, Urban Trial Freestyle is a 2D stunt/racer in which you traverse a series of increasingly hostile environments. The controls are basic: accelerate, brake, stop and lean to maintain balance. It’s endearing and addictive, as you negotiate outrageous locations (from offices to ghost-train tunnels to movie sets) and natural disasters. Even if you can conquer the steep slopes and big jumps, you have to watch out for the environments changing above your head and beneath your wheels, such as falling trees, collapsing floors and moving vehicles.You have to be aware of the environment changing beneath your wheels too. Though far from original, Urban Trial Freestyle is amusing, as you learn the nuances of tricky tracks through (ahem) trial and error.