‘I really would much prefer to go down the apartment route myself.’ Photograph: Getty Images

I am looking into buying a one- or two-bed apartment in Dublin but my parents really aren’t keen on the idea and are pushing me to hold out and buy a (...)

Image from circa 2007 sales brochure for Hyde Square, Kilmainham.

Apartment owners in Dublin 8 are planning to take legal action after being presented with large bills for the repair of a decaying roof. The roof of (...)

Mr Justice Seamus Noonan in the High Court rejected the Neville application on grounds they had been “at best dilatory” in applying for security for costs more than two years after the case began.

A holiday home management company is suing the operators of the development claiming there was a failure to maintain common areas of the estate and no(...)

The good management of a multi-unit development includes excellent communication with members, procuring service providers that give value for money and dealing with issues promptly
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Q I have had a 30 per cent increase in my service charge, mainly, it appears, to cover non-payment by other home owners. I was wondering is it legal t(...)

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Q I am on the board of the owners’ management company of a development in south county Dublin which recently took control of the common areas from(...)

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QI refer to the article in Property Clinic on July 11th, about soundproofing. I kept a copy of an earlier article on the same topic and it said the(...)