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Each wind farm will be capable of generating 1,000mw of electricity at full capacity. Danny Lawson/PA Wire

An Irish-Spanish joint venture is planning three offshore electricity generating fields that will cost up to €6.5 billion on the basis of industry est(...)

Closer proximity to pigs and cattle  lowers the risk of allergic sensitivity, according to  research published in the UK medical journal Occupational & Environmental Medicine

Prone to allergies? Embrace a pig! That would appear to be one solution, according to the latest study on the subject published in a medical journal. (...)

No doctor or ambulance was called, both nurses went off duty at 8am and no reference was made in the handover nursing notes to the restraint belt.

Two nurses have had their registration suspended for six months, plus conditions attached to their registration for two years, in connection with the (...)

David and Amelie got married in Barnabrow House, Cloyne, Co Cork, in August. Photographs: Claire O’Rorke Photography, corphotography.com

David, from Buttevant, Co Cork, moved to the US in 2009 and met Amelie, from Quebec, a fellow research scientist, while working in Indianapolis, In(...)

Rathclare House, Buttevant, Co Cork

Address: 35 Dollymount Park, Clontarf, Dublin 3 Agent: Dublin Letting and Real Estate This three-bedroom semi-detached house is just off C(...)

Fraudsters who staged a crash to collect an insurance payout had to get one of the cars to smash into the other vehicle a second time after the first(...)