Refurbed teams up with 48 to offer sustainable smartphones to Irish customers

New deal is milestone for technology marketplace

Refurbished technology marketplace Refurbed has teamed up with 48 to offer the mobile network’s customers more sustainable, cheaper smartphones.

Customers at the digital mobile brand will have the option of buying a refurbished phone through 48′s app and website alongside their sim cards, making it easier to opt for the greener devices.

“This collaboration allows us to place our customers at the core of the partnership, as any existing 48 customer now has the option to buy a refurbished device from refurbed through the My48 app and website once logged into their account,” explained David Ward, head of new products and propositions at 48.

It is the first such partnership for Refurbed in the Irish market. The company offers a 12-month warranty with its products, which undergo a 40-step refurbishment process to bring them back to factory settings. They are also up to 40 per cent cheaper than buying electronics new, and the process produces 70 per cent less CO2 emissions compared to the creation of a new device. Refurbed also plants a tree for every product sold, offsetting the remaining 30 per cent, with the option to plant a native tree in Ireland.


“This is a huge step for Refurbed,” said Refurbed’s Irish marketing manager Padraig Power. “Refurbed has expanded drastically in the past year via the introduction of new product categories, but this marks Refurbed’s first strategic partnership, bringing refurbished devices directly to consumers. This partnership launches a new phase for refurbed in Ireland, making refurbed even more accessible to 48′s youth-focused market.”

Although it didn’t give expected sales projections, the company said it expected “a steady flow” of refurbished smartphones to be sold to 48′s customers. “The demand for sustainable alternatives in all industries is becoming more apparent among Irish consumers,” Mr Power said. “With this partnership, we are demonstrating that sustainable practices can be incorporated into everyday life such as your mobile sim plan.”

The company is also eyeing further partnerships, saying it was open to linking up with all ecommerce business types in Ireland.

Founded in 2017 by Peter Windischhofer, Kilian Kaminski and Jürgen Riedl, Refurbed launched in Ireland in March 2021, following a $17 million (€14.3 million) Series A raise in 2020, and aimed to tap into a growing interest in Ireland in more environmentally conscious, affordable technology.

Ciara O'Brien

Ciara O'Brien

Ciara O'Brien is an Irish Times business and technology journalist