What the papers say


The story of the week was unquestionably the Michael Donnellan controversy and, as in war, the first casualty seemed to be the truth. There certainly was an information deficit from within Galway. Local feeling on the affair seems to have been moved by the national media's coverage, with sympathy for Donnellan growing in the county after Tuesday's front-page treatments of the "incident with the referee". While the Galway football board accepted referee Tommy Gavin's report, which didn't name any player, the post-match incident will now be investigated by the county board's disciplinary committee. As such the questions asked by Jim Carney in the Tuam Herald still remain - "Was the referee interfered with (we can take this as established), who interfered with him, and is the evidence beyond reasonable doubt?"

We wait with bated breath to see what revisionist contortions are gone through to come up with a set of answers.