Even Germans left speechless after stunning Belo Horizonte blitz

Unbridled joy intermingled with a fair amount of astonishment in German press

The German media savoured last night's unprecedented 7-1 semi-final victory over World Cup hosts Brazil this morning, describing the rout as a sensation and a miracle and - even though the final is yet to come - its players as immortal.

Bild devoted six of its eight main pages to the match under the banner headline "Speechless!", summing up the sense of disbelief at the scale of the win. A picture of jubilant two-goal midfielder Toni Kroos adorned the front page.

"Boys, you are immortal!" read the gleeful column in Bild, which thanked all the team by name and coach Joachim Loew. "Germany will never forget this July 8, 2014 . . . Thanks for this moment of glory. Thanks that we could experience it!"

The paper dedicated a full page to each of the five German goalscorers in their red and black strip.


Daily Die Welt's website - the victory was too late to make many papers' print editions - called the match "The Seventh Wonder of Football". It ran a picture of striker Miroslav Klose, 36, who became the tournament's all-time leading scorer with 16 goals.

“Inconceivable, incredible and incomprehensible,” claimed the Frankfurter Allgmeine Zeitung newspaper.

“Four goals in six minutes: Germany celebrate a footballing miracle in Belo Horizonte, but while fans were rubbing their eyes with disbelief, coach Jogi Low said his players were ‘not getting carried away’. This team wants to get better still.

“It was all so unreal that they didn’t even know what to do with all their joy.

“They were celebrating a historic victory for German football: 7-1 against Brazil in the semi-final of a World Cup in Brazil — inconceivable. 7-1 against the record world champions — incredible. 7-1 against the title favourites in the Estadio Mineirao — incomprehensible.”

Suddeutsche Zeitung succinctly summed up the feeling of euphoria in the land of the three-time World Cup winners in two words: “Cloud Nine.”

Like many in Germany, though, they found they were pinching themselves. “Is it really true?” asked the Munich-based national newspaper. “This game will reverberate for a long time. Jogi Low delivered his masterpiece which he can only better himself in the final.”

Sharing the theme of disbelief was Die Welt newspaper. “An anomaly in the history of football,” was its summary of a night no German or any football fan will forget in a hurry, the night Germany penned even more footballing history at the 2014 World Cup.