English FA refer 15 suspicious transfers to FIFA


The English Football Association will give their full co-operation to FIFA after referring 15 suspicious transfers to the sport’s world governing body.

The FA have compiled the list of deals where possible financial irregularities have taken place, dating back to the start of last year, with a spokesman confirming: “We have referred 15 cases to FIFA since January 2008.”

According to a newspaper report, the Premier League were unaware of the new deals being identified.

A FIFA spokesman said: “All cases have an element of internationality and fall outside of the FA’s jurisdiction. When FIFA have concluded their investigations into the Quest (the FA’s transfer auditors) cases, the first party to be informed will be the FA.

“FIFA are also reviewing a number of more recent cases forwarded to us by the FA.

“In accordance with the 2008 Players’ Agents Regulations, these cases fall under the FIFA disciplinary committee.”