David Corkery brands IRFU 'a disgrace'

Two of his Young Munster players were pulled from the final to attend Irish 7s camp

Young Munster coach David Corkery has branded the decision to pull Dan Goggin and Ger Lyons from his squad for Saturday's Munster Senior Cup final - to attend a training camp for the Ireland 7s - "a f**king disgrace."

The decision made last Thursday meant that his team were without two of their key performers this season for the seven point defeat.

“It’s a f**king disgrace, for players for have missed this game for a f**king Irish 7s training camp, after what we have gone through all year, a disgrace, and you can quote me on that 100 per cent,” said the former Ireland international.

“The IRFU need to a have a serious look at themselves in the mirror. They pulled some of the Cons boys for a Under-20s practice game so if that’s how they treat the Munster Senior Cup, with 100 years history then they need to seriously look at themselves.


“It’s not an excuse, this is a rant. I’d like to think on behalf of all the coaches out there how are in my situation who have had players pulled for ridiculous games, the B&I cup games, the ridiculous 7s training and stuff it is just a complete disrespect to this game.

“It’s not an excuse Con 100 per cent deserved their victory. You know, I don’t blame the lads inside they don’t use an excuses. Unless this changes, unless the whole way they treat the clubs in this country changes, I hope they go absolutely nowhere and I mean that. They deserve everything they get. It is just a complete slur towards the club and I don’t know if I am overstepping my mark but that is the way I feel.”

Corkery is not receiving payment for his role as coach of Young Munster, and feels that the IRFU need to adjust their priorities.

“Even if I was [being paid] I’d still speak my mind. It’s just guys in there and they try so hard and then for an external influence, you know a ridiculous situation like a 7s tournament that is basically the same as the 7s in Amsterdam in a couple of weeks time. They view that as more important than a Munster Senior Cup game, than they need to start looking at themselves. Guys that are just trying to earn their wage, and this is how they do it. They pull players from clubs who having backs into the walls already. It was just disappointing.”

Regarding the game itself, Corkery says his team made too many mistakes and missed costly kicks early in the game.

“I am not staying on in Limerick [next season]. I am sick of that road now at this stage. It gets to you. I came into this club four games into the season. They didn’t have a great start. I maybe changed a bit of an attitude, gave them a bit of belief.

"When you've got the likes of Ian Keatley and Conor McPhilips from Connacht giving you a hand as well. It makes a big difference It's not just me it is a whole club thing. They weren't too far off it last year and were inches from it this year,

“My parting statement to the lads was no matter where if I can come back next year and see a trophy in this room at the end of the year I’ll know I left ye in a better place and that’s all I can ask.”