McCarthy refutes all allegations


"I would like to reply to some comments reportedly made by Ger Loughnane. His suggestion that he had to approach me on several occasions during the recent Munster final and ask me to cool it and stop abusing his players is both a downright untruth and beggars belief.

"The only comment made by Ger Loughanne to me during the course of the two games was with two minutes to go in the replay when he came in behind me and said `I think it's safe to say, Gerald, we have it won'.

"I agreed with him and congratulated him on what was a very good win for Clare. They were the only words passed by Ger Loughnane to me during those games. I don't think anyone would believe that Ger Loughnane or his sideline friends would politely ask me to cool it and stop abusing his players from the touchline if that's what was happening.

"It appears to me that he is changing Clare's story slightly from the drawn game when Tony Considine accused me of influencing the referee to have one of their players sent off - which I completely denied then and I deny now.

"Now, to suit their story, they say that comments passed by me incensed their players and that is the reason they were so hyped up for the replay. So which is the truth?

"The purpose seems to me to be to influence my upcoming hearing with the Munster Council, a body he very obviously holds very little respect for judging by his extraordinary outburst against them which was of course full of innuendo but very short on hard facts.

"This statement cast a huge cloud over not just one member of the Munster Council, but the whole body. I would ask why has he waited until now to make these serious accusations against me.

"Perhaps his immediate enemy number one has now shifted to become the Munster Council - something I feel sure his players will know all about before Sunday's game - and he has decided to put me in his sights for another day.

"Perhaps on this occasion I should be flattered that he has decided to make the accusations against me himself, but quite honestly I am neither flattered nor amused and like a lot of genuine hurling people, I am growing more and more tired of his outbursts, accusations and innuendoes.

"This game of hurling is too special to risk losing by abusing and accusing many, many people and teams over the past while just in an effort to gain an edge.

"To coin a phrase, it's time to cool it Ger."

(This is the text of a statement issued by the Waterford manager last night).