Lost In Time: Where did the test results go


The procedure if a player tests positive for a prohibited substance should normally take two to four weeks before the relevant authorities and player are informed. Given the positive test was taken last season, in this case it has taken six to eight months.

What Happened - The UK Sports Council version

According to the UK Sports Council's guidelines, "the governing body or international sports federation is notified of the finding". With regard to a Five Nations match, this would be the International Board. They in turn, "after confirming the accuracy of the documentation, then notify the relevant union of the findings". According to the International Board and the IRFU, that agreement only pertains to this season. Previously, the Sports Council's findings should have been sent to the relevant union. Yesterday, the UK Sports Council said Tuesday's "contact wasn't the first" on this test.

What Happened - The International Board version

According to the IB, they have no record on their files of any findings regarding a positive drugs test from last year's Five Nations.

What Happened - The IRFU version

According to the IRFU, the first notification they received of these findings came late on Tuesday afternoon.