How To Transfer


If you have a team entered in the Golf Masters you can check its score and position, remind yourself of the line-up or change any of the information you left when entering by calling the numbers below at any time.

Transfers may be conducted each Tuesday and Wednesday, with up to four transfers allowed per team. These four may be made all at one time or singly over the duration of the competition. It is important to remember, however, that you must at all times have seven players in your team, at least one of whom must be Irish, and you must stay within the £12.5 million budget.

If you wish to transfer you should have your team's PIN number ready before calling the competition number:

1550 844 430 (Republic Of Ireland)

0890 181 1001 (Northern Ireland and Britain)

Calls cost 58 pence per minute in the Republic Of Ireland and 50 pence per minute in Britain - all charges include VAT.

Competition Helpline: 01-2844060 between 10.0 am and 5.30 pm (Monday to Friday). Normal telephone charges apply to this number. Service provided by Phonovation Ltd.