Live GAA: Stirring Clare comeback ends Wexford’s hopes in All-Ireland hurling quarter-final

David Gorman guides you through all the action in the day’s second hurling quarter-final

Clare have completed the hurling semi-final line-up with a 1-24 to 3-14 victory over Wexford at Semple Stadium. Earlier, Galway beat Cork 2-19 to 1-21 in Thurles.


The most exciting minute of the game. Lee Chin had an excellent game for Wexford and was unfortunate to end up on the losing side.


Watch Shanagher’s crucial goal


FULL TIME: Clare 1-24 Wexford 3-14. A brilliant comeback by Clare, who hit another gear after Wexford had scored their third goal. Disappointment for Wexford who had the win in their grasp but they didn’t do enough in the last 10 minutes of the match. Wexford keeper Mark Fanning won’t want to look at replays of the Clare goal in a hurry. A massive impact from the Clare, particularly Aron Shanagher, who scored 1-3 off the bench.


FULL TIME: Clare 1-24 Wexford 3-14


75 mins: Another point by Shanagher, what an impact off the bench!

Clare 1-24 Wexford 3-14


74 mins: Tony Kelly is finishing in style, three important points in the second half. Wexford need a goal.

Clare 1-22 Wexford 3-14


72 mins: Point by Lee Chin after some cynical play to stop his progression towards goal. Should have been a black card? Referee may have missed one.

Clare 1-22 Wexford 3-14


70 mins: O’Donnell plays the ball to Meehan for Clare, the subs have really made the difference in this match.

Clare 1-22 Wexford 3-13


68 mins: Point by Tony Kelly as Clare surge continues.. What a turnaround. Wexford are stunned. 1-6 without reply before Lee Chin puts over a free. Two point game

Clare 1-21 Wexford 3-13


GOAL FOR CLARE! Aron Shanagher scores after a mistake by Wexford keeper Mark Fanning as he takes his eye off the ball and leaves the ball behind him. Clare go ahead!

Wexford 3-12 Clare 1-20


65 mins: Nice pass by Kelly to Cathal Malone in the middle of the pitch who puts the ball over the bar easily. A great catch in midfield by McInerney and O’Donnell puts it over. One point game. Clare are alive!

Wexford 3-12 Clare 0-20


63 mins: Serious scramble around the square but nobody can get a shot away but the ball falls to sub Shane Meehan who picks the ball up and scores over the bar. Only three points now!

Wexford 3-12 Clare 0-18


61 mins: Point by sub Aron Shanagher as Clare burst into action. They win a free quickly afterwards, running at the defence. Duggan puts the ball over.

Wexford 3-12 Clare 0-17


59 mins: Powerful point by Mikie Dwyer after great interplay by Wexford. Clare in serious trouble, as they waste another chance as Galvin’s shot lands in the keeper’s hands.

Wexford 3-12 Clare 0-15


56 mins: Point by from a free by Tony Kelly as the game is stopped briefly for a helmet missing.

Wexford 3-11 Clare 0-15


54 mins: Another point for Chin from a free. Wexford five points ahead. Can they hold on?

Wexford 3-11 Clare 0-14


52 mins: Chin has 2-5 for the game if he got the touch on the first goal. What a game he is having. Another wide for Clare as Duggan misses a free.

Wexford 3-10 Clare 0-14


GOAL FOR WEXFORD. Chin wins the ball again close to the goal and smashes home. Only seconds earlier Galvin’s shot for Clare had crashed off the crossbar. Fine margins.

Wexford 3-10 Clare 0-14


46 mins: GOAL FOR WEXFORD! High ball into the square and Lee Chin gets a touch and beats the keeper. They go two points ahead.

Wexford 2-10 Clare 0-14


44 mins: Much livelier second half so far with fewer mistakes. A wide by Lee Chin, this time from 65 out. It went to Hawkeye.

Clare 0-14 Wexford 1-10


41 mins: McDonald wins a free which is converted by Chin. But Clare go up the pitch and Kelly scores a typical score. More like it from Kelly. Wexford fly up the pitch and Chin has a goal chance but puts over the bar.

Clare 0-14 Wexford 1-10


40 mins: Clare play the ball in close to the goal and easy score for Diarmuid Ryan. Clare go two ahead.

Clare 0-13 Wexford 1-8


38 mins: A point each to begin the half, Fitzgerald from play for Clare and Chin for Wexford. An excellent point by Ryan from an acute angle puts Clare ahead

Clare 0-12 Wexford 1-8


HALF TIME: Wexford 1-7 Clare 0-10. A match that began with a goal within 30 seconds and almost a second one within two minutes for Wexford has struggled to ignite into action, with a multitude of wides for both teams. Wexford will be satisfied with how they have frustrated Clare so far, particularly as Tony Kelly has scored only point in the game. All to play for in the second half, where the standard can only get better, you imagine.


35 mins: Two more wides by Clare. O’Hanlon gets a yellow card for hitting Duggan in the face.

Wexford 1-7 Clare 0-10


33 mins: Wexford had frustrated Clare so far, particularly on puck outs. Tony Kelly not featuring much in the match so far. Ian Galvin however, picks the ball out from distance and puts a ball over the bar for a key score for Clare. Soon afterwards the ball turned over and Peter Duggan puts the ball over from a free. Level scores again!

Wexford 1-7 Clare 0-10


29 mins: Thirteen wides between the teams so far as Wexford miss another few chances to extend their lead.

Wexford 1-7 Clare 0-8


27 mins: Yellow card for David Fitzgerald. Jack O’Connor attempts the sideline cut but it sails to the left and wide.

Wexford 1-7 Clare 0-8


25 mins: Clare and Wexford exchange points as Liam Óg McGovern is treated for an injury.

Wexford 1-7 Clare 0-8


21 mins: Two quickfire points. Second point of the day for Chin from a free, Wexford back in front, then O’Keeffe scores a nice point from play.

Wexford 1-6 Clare 0-7

David Gorman - 16:05

19 mins: Second score of the day for Peter Duggan with an easy free. It’s a draw.

Wexford 1-4 Clare 0-7

David Gorman - 16:01

17 mins: Clare score a point from a free and are easing into the game, as Wexford haven’t scored for more than 7 minutes. Diarmuid Ryan slots another over the bar. One point game.

Wexford 1-4 Clare 0-6

David Gorman - 16:00

13 mins: Galvin plays a nice pass to Reidy and it’s over the bar. Meanwhile, Rory O’Connor is off injured for Wexford, big blow as Mikie Dwyer comes on.

Wexford 1-4 Clare 0-4

David Gorman - 15:53

10 mins: Rory Hayes taken off after only 8 mins, Cian Nolan on. Two more points for Wexford, lovely point by Foley.

Wexford 1-4 Clare 0-3

David Gorman - 15:52

8 mins: A few wides by Clare early on by Tony Kelly, who was so impressive in his last outing. But Shane O’Donnell puts over a point from play. Wexford respond through Oisin Kelly. But Tony Kelly is back to it with a beautiful point from play

Wexford 1-2 Clare 0-3

David Gorman - 15:50

3 mins: Almost a second goal within the first two minutes, a slow start for Clare. But David Fitzgerald gets Clare off the mark with a point. But Chin immediately responds with a turn and point.

Wexford 1-1 Clare 0-1

David Gorman - 15:47

GOAL FOR WEXFORD. Jack O’Connor breaks through and scores within 30 seconds. What a start for Wexford

Wexford 1-0 Clare 0-0

David Gorman - 15:40

Clare: Éibhear Quilligan; Rory Hayes, Conor Cleary, Paul Flanagan, Diarmuid Ryan, John Conlon, David McInerney; David Fitzgerald, David Reidy; Cathal Malone, Tony Kelly, Shane O’Donnell; Ian Galvin, Peter Duggan, Ryan Taylor

For Wexford, Diarmuid O’Keeffe comes in at midfield and Shane Reck comes in at corner forward.

Wexford: Mark Fanning, Simon Donohoe, Liam Ryan, Conor Devitt; Matthew O’Hanlon, Damien Rock, Paudie Foley; Diarmuid O’Keeffe, Liam Óg McGovern; Oisín Foley, Jack O’Connor, Lee Chin; Rory O’Connor, Conor McDonald, Shane Reck

David Gorman - 15:35

In a pre-match preview piece, Nicky English writes that an unwelcome distraction for Clare brings Wexford within reach. “If losing two influential players is the most disruptive thing facing a team in that situation, the second most disruptive is to get them back unexpectedly midweek.”

David Gorman - 15:30

Galway have beaten Cork as Henry Shefflin’s men reach the semi-finals. Full-time: Galway 2-19 Cork 1-21. Nathan Johns writes:

“Galway have done it! Henry Shefflin’s men were the better side in terms of accuracy in the first half, taking advantage of one fortuitous goal and another great finish to punish Cork for two missed goal chances and a wide count in double digits by half-time.

Cork turned their chance making into scores after the break, but Galway constantly did enough to keep the lead out to two, three scores. They cashed in particularly on a poorly manned midfield on short puck-outs to just get those scores when they needed.”

David Gorman - 15:10

A famous face at the hurling today!

David Gorman - 15:05

The Clare team for today’s game:

Éibhear Quilligan; Cian Nolan, Conor Cleary, Paul Flanagan; Diarmuid Ryan, John Conlon, David McInerney; David Fitzgerald, David Reidy; Cathal Malone, Tony Kelly, Shane O’Donnell; Ian Galvin, Mark Rodgers, Ryan Taylor

Subs: Éamonn Foudy, Jack Browne, Aron Shanagher, Shane Meehan, Aaron Fitzgerald, Shane Golden, Darragh Lohan, Robyn Mounsey, Paudie Fitzpatrick, Rory Hayes, Peter Duggan

David Gorman - 15:00

The Wexford team for today’s game:

Mark Fanning; Simon Donohoe, Liam Ryan, Conor Devitt; Matthew O’Hanlon, Damien Rock, Paudie Foley; Kevin Foley, Liam Óg McGovern; Oisín Foley, Jack O’Connor, Lee Chin (c); Rory O’Connor, Conor McDonald, Mikie Dwyer

Subs: James Lawlor, David Clarke, Ben Edwards, Connal Flood, Richie Lawlor, Charlie McGuckin, Paul Morris, Diarmuid O’Keeffe, Shane Reck, Kyle Scallan