FAI to hold internal inquiry


BRENDAN MENTON, three days into his emergency role as acting secretary for the FAI National League, yesterday conceded to calls for an inquiry into the allegations of a shortfall in US 94 ticket proceeds.

Speaking on RTE's News at One Menton responded to the discrepancy between Joe Delaney's statement on Friday and further allegations in yesterday's Sunday Independent by admitting: "It's a serious discrepancy and needs to be explained."

"Given the seriousness of the situation. I think it would be wrong to speculate, but what will happen is that, starting tomorrow morning, there will be an internal investigation at least; organised by me to ascertain the facts and bring those facts to the executive committee meeting on Wednesday."

However, this falls short of demands for an independent auditors investigation into the association's finances by the Shelbourne chairman Finbarr Flood, who resigned from the executive council and all committees last week.

Further distancing himself from the association's five man officer board, Flood also called for their resignations before the motions of confidence which they are scheduled to face at the 51 member senior council of the FAI/National League on March 8th.

"If the officers resign en bloc there can be no recriminations for any of them. Individuals may not be prepared to take action because of the danger of recriminations."

"But if they all resign together, that will allow a management committee to take over (the association) for six months and the finger cannot be pointed at anybody."

Flood also thought it was strange that, given the other officers didn't know about Delaney's personal repayment of a shortfall, "that they didn't ask for the resignation of the treasurer."

However, Delaney last night reiterated his desire to carry on, at least until March 8th. He said: "The media is not the appropriate forum to discuss this matter. The council members are my peers and I want to be able to present to them the full facts."

He would not comment about yesterday's report in the Sunday Independent nor would he comment when asked if he intended taking any legal action.