Club championships All-Ireland intermediate and junior finals


JUNIOR HURLING:Dripsey (Cork) 2-15 Tullogher Rosbercon (Kilkenny) 0-18

Dripsey captain Diarmuid O’Riordan helped his side to victory with 1-9, his goal coming three minutes before the break. Liam Barron brought Tullogher level early in the second half before O’Riordan got two points, before a rebound from his shot was rifled into the net by David O’Sullivan.

DRIPSEY:A Buckley; B Kelleher, J O’Mahony, L Buckley; J Carey (0-1), J Riordan, P O’Riordan; D Foley, C Hayes; G Murphy, D O’Riordan (1-9), M O’Sullivan (0-2); D O’Sullivan (1-2), J Hogan, D Buckley (0-1). Subs: J Murphy for Hogan (49 mins); G Manley for D Buckley 53).

TULLOGHER ROSBERCON:M Roche; J Hartley, J Grennan, K Barron; M Cottrell, P Hartley (0-1), M Grennan; J Cottrell, L Barron (0-9, six frees, three 65s); W Walsh, M Bookle, R Dollard (0-2); E Conway (0-1), J Barron (0-3), S Ryan (0-2). Subs: D Grennan for J Grennan (37 mins); E Mullally for Bookle (42 mins) Referee: Alan Kelly (Galway) .

INTERMEDIATE HURLING:Blarney (Cork) 2-14 Cappataggle (Galway) 1-12

In the 40th minute, with the gap at one point , Blarney’s Colin Murphy goaled and James Hughes tagged on a point. Cappataggle’s Damien Joyce drove a free to the net but a Ross McNamara goal secured the title.

BLARNEY:R Byrne; G O’Donovan, D McSweeney, P O’Leary; J Jordan, J Hughes (0-1), S O’Donoghue (0-1); M McCarthy (0-1), B Hurley; E McCarthy, B Deasy (0-1), J Hurley; E Hallahan (0-1), R McNamara (1-1), C Murphy (1-9). Subs: P O’Sullivan for E McCarthy (44 mins); J O’Sullivan for M McCarthy 55 mins).

CAPPATAGGLE:K Finn, J Shaughnessy, T Broderick, M McLoughlin; G Broderick, Michael Broderick (0-1, free), S Creaven; P Dolan (0-1), D Kenny; Martin Broderick, D Loughnane, D Joyce (1-2); A Dolan (0-7, five frees), D Cormican (0-1), P Egan. Subs: E Malone for Kenny (38 mins); D Byrnes for P Egan (52 mins); C Cormican for D Cormican (58 mins); S Goldrick for S Creaven (60 mins).

Referee:D Connolly (Kilkenny).

JUNIOR FOOTBALL:Skellig Rangers (Kerry) 0-10 John Mitchells (Lancashire) 0-9

With 10 minutes left Aidan O’Sullivan and Paul McGill put Skellig Rangers in front, and despite a red card for Seamus O’Sullivan and Philip Duddy’s point, the Kerrymen held on.

SKELLIG RANGERS:M Brennan; B O’Sullivan, W O’Sullivan, C Martin; K Martin, C O’Sullivan, Seamus O’Sullivan; Steven O’Sullivan, A O’Sullivan (0-2); J O’Driscoll (0-2), C O’Driscoll, D O’Sullivan; B Casey (0-3, frees), B Hickey (0-1), G O’Driscoll (0-1).

Subs:Declan O’Sullivan for Brian O’Sullivan (41 mins); P McGill (0-1) for J O’Driscoll (47 mins); Brendan O’Sullivan for Daniel O’Sullivan (50 mins).

JOHN MITCHELLS:G Dooley; G McNamee, C Philips, P Walsh; A Brady, S Rice, P Duddy (0-2); P Mulligan (0-3, two frees), D McConnell (0-1, free); R Ivers, J McDermott, K Kane; L McGonagle, S McCann, R Mullan (0-3). Subs: C Mullan for McCann (40 mins); P McKenna for Kane (52 mins).

Referee:E Craul (Wicklow).

INTERMEDIATE FOOTBALL:St Michael’s, Foilmore (Kerry) 1-13 St Michael’s (Galway) 1-9

Cian O’Connor’s goal early in the second half gave the Kerrymen a four-point cushion they nver looked like losing. They had trailed at half-time after a Conor Hoctor goal..

ST MICHAEL’S FOILMORE:M Galvin; C Granfield, A O’Connell, DJ Moran; M O’Sullivan, B Galvin, K Granfield (0-1); S O’Connor, P King (0-3); D King (0-1), S Fogarty; J O’Shea (0-2), R O’Connor (0-4, one free), C O’Connor (1-1), B Kelly (0-1). Subs: D Kelly for C O’Connor (45 mins); P O’Sullivan for D King (60 mins); R Harty for Fogarty (60 mins).

ST MICHAEL’S GALWAY:R Hannan; K Sheridan, A Glynn, D Walshe; J Downes, P Ruane, C McClafferty; E Hoare (0-1), P Regan (0-1, 45); F Daly, G Rogan (0-5, five frees), M Cullinane; H McClafferty (0-1), M Feeney, C Hoctor (1-1). Subs: F Clancy for Sheridan (9 mins); K Stewart for Cullinane (17 mins); J Ruane for McClafferty (17 mins); K Clancy for F Clancy (51 mins); F Duggan for P Ruane (60 mins).

Referee:J McKee (Armagh).