Chants of the week


"Ginooooola, oh oh, Ginooooola, oh oh oh oh oh - he comes from Notre Dame, he plays for Tottenham, Ginoooola, oh oh, Ginooooola, oh oh oh oh oh."

- Spurs fans pay homage to Daveed, the mastermind behind Saturday's win over Nottingham Forest.

"One British Airways, there's only one British Airways".

- Wimbledon supporters recommend their national airline to Arsenal's Dennis Bergkamp - he of fear-of-flying fame.

"Bring me salmon, in your smile, bring me haddock, all the while, In this world where we live, there could be more halibut, So much joy you could give to each dolphin friendly tuna. Bring me mackerel, through the dace, never bring me, any plaice, May your shark be as warm, as the squid from up above, Bring me sardines, bring me pilchards, bring me cod."

- Grimsby fans, to the tune of 'Bring me Sunshine', entertain themselves during Saturday's defeat at Bury, by, em, celebrating their town's fishing industry.