Burgers on Tiger's menu


Tiger Woods intends to serve cheeseburgers and chips, washed down with strawberry milkshakes, at the US Masters Champions' dinner next month. The champion traditionally chooses the menu for the special dinner and Woods' choice comes after the controversial comments of American veteran Fuzzy Zoeller after last year's tournament.

Zoeller referred to Woods as "the boy" and said he hoped he would not be choosing fried chicken for the champions' dinner - which is renowned as the staple diet of poor blacks in America.

And it takes little imagination to guess how the news of Woods' Choice was greeted by the eminent members of Augusta National, who are nothing if not traditional in their views.

But while golf's 22-year-old sensation, who has earned ú20 million in the 12 months following his first Major victory at Augusta last year, will bring junk food to arguably American golf's most prestigious tournament, he promises his game will be strictly of the gourmet variety.

"I have put in a lot of hard work on every department of my game," said Woods, who was the youngest champion, at 21, last year when he won by a record 12 shots.

"It is very difficult to get your game to a peak at just the right time," he said. Peaking for four tournaments is an art form. Nicklaus was the best at that, and Hogan in his day was awesome too.

"But I feel I'm hitting the ball much more consistently than last year, controlling my distance and flighting the ball better. I haven't finished out of the top 10 this year."

And of his fast-food fad? "It's just part of being young and growing up," he said. "That's what I grew up eating and that's what I'm still eating. It's my personality. Sandy Lyle served haggis when he was champion."