This Week They Said


I built my house in 1988. Like, why is that a trophy house? I don’t want this kind of crap coming at me. – Pat Kenny’s rebuke to Siptu leader Jack O’Connor, who quipped on Kenny’s Frontlineprogramme that Kenny lived in a “trophy home” which O’Connor suggested should be subject to a special tax.

Jesus, what a week . . . I didn’t see it coming. – A chastened David McWilliams after several days of media mauling for his sexist comments on Miriam O’Callaghan and breaches of confidence with Brian Lenihan.

The present situation isn’t sustainable and we have a vision for the public service in the future. It will be a smaller service which will be one that has been outlined in various reports and [we] need to get on with that. – Taoiseach Brian Cowen, speaking on RTÉ’s Prime Timeon Thursday.

Only love can heal such a scar. – Bono’s Brandenburg Gate concert advice to Berliners on how to get over the Wall.

Mr Bono, tear down this wall! – Andreas Lintz, a German student, annoyed by the barrier designed to keep non-ticket holders out of the gig (paraphrasing the 1987 advice Ronald Reagan gave to Mikhail Gorbachev).

The design documentation . . . does not present a complete, transparent and adequate demonstration that the pipeline does not pose an unacceptable risk to the public. – An Bord Pleanála, 15 years into the Corrib gas project.

Pox News . . . – Sesame Street’s Grundgetta’s apparent reference to a US channel of a similar sounding name.

They have essentially castrated your [British] influence in the European parliament. – Pierre Lellouche, France’s Europe minister, on British Conservatives’ attempts to opt out of key EU legislation.

This is all happening because my father didn’t buy me a train set as a kid. – Billionaire investor Warren Buffett explaining why he paid $34 billion for a rail network, Burlington Northern.