The Renewal debate: Readers' reactions


HERE ARE some edited comments from online readers reacting to Damien Rice’s article of yesterday.

John: How on earth does this lazy, incoherent rambling pass the editor’s desk onto a national newspaper? From one illogical series of brain impulses, masquerading as thought processes, to another, we eventually find out the solution to all of life’s problems: more women in politics/power... The answer is not more women. It’s a better calibre of both man and woman.

Pauline: Good on ya [Damien]. It seems that instead of changing and starting to understand the quality of life issue, the government is still hell bent on creating as much destruction of our heritage as it can while people are distracted.

Buck: John, at least Rice didn’t resort to snark like you have – the easiest option, the least constructive.

peter: This piece is insightful. I relish the idea of fresh perspectives from personalities not attuned to the logistics and conflicts that are modern politics. Perhaps if you were to read between the lines you would find that there are helpful suggestions. While “more women in politics” and “save the fish” are not, perhaps becoming a conscientious nation and nurturing ourselves is a goal that will ease the transitions that we now face.

Robin in Wicklow: Great to hear another point of view – well done! And great too to think beyond the box of money - such thinking, so obvious to most of us, seems to beckon various solutions, still unformed. Lets keep pushing towards them.

Ultan: I don’t think [Damien’s] ramblings are lazy and incoherent. Its a bit all over the place, but they are the thoughts of someone who doesnt know the answers to our problems. By showing an example of a riddle which can confuse people, Damien Rices article serves as a useful excercise.

Gerry O’Riordan: Damien’s creative brain has approached the problem by thinking outside the box and it’s only when Ireland does the same that we will start down the path to recovery.