Sir, - Brendan Moran (January 3rd) was delighted that the FAI rejected the proposed Wimbledon move to Dublin. He argues that if the FAI was against it, then the move must have had plenty to recommend it. This is normally the case with the FAI, but not on this occasion.

This decision was in the interests of Irish soccer. Admitting Derry City to the National League (no longer the League of Ireland, Mr Moran) is no comparison. Derry was entering our league, and its arrival only served to enhance it, unlike Wimbledon who would be playing in a foreign league.

Certainly Irish players have graced the English leagues, but to claim that "this has made it what it is today" is going too far. It is doubtful if Dublin could support one Premiership team, let alone two. The "Irish" soccer fans Mr Moran refers to support the likes of Liverpool and Manchester United, not Wimbledon. When the former teams are playing, I am sure the games would sell out. However, how many "Irish" soccer fans will spend up to £20 or £30 to see Wimbledon play Bolton or QPR?

Mr Moran is obviously out of touch with the underrated and improving domestic game. Perhaps he should attend one for himself and, if possible, compare the experience with a visit to see those purveyors of stylish, entertaining football who he so dearly wishes to see move to Dublin. - Yours, etc.,

Pandora Street, Belfast, BT12 5PR.

P.S. Does Mr Moran not know that Dublin already has a great derby: Shamrock Rovers versus Bohemians?