Sir, - Kevin Myers (October 12th) describes Kitty Kiernan as "a simple country girl". Is this the girl who was sent to boarding school (surely relatively unusual for a Catholic girl in the Ireland of 1910) and who became head girl in St Ita's, the school in Dublin founded by Padraig Pearse?

Is this the woman who with her sisters helped her brother to run their extensive family business in Granard (hotel, hardware, grocery, bar, bakery, etc.) during the period of her relationship with Michael Collins? Is this the woman who went to Paris for her trousseau and returned there for her honeymoon with my father, Major General Felix Cronin (1925)?

Although, alas, she died when we were young (1945) my brother Felix and I remember her as a sophisticate, au fait with contemporary literature, music, the theatre and fashion.

A "country girl". Well, yes. "Simple"? Hardly. Yours, etc., Apartment 3, 16 Duke Street, Dublin 2.