Wearable technology


Sir, – Further to Ciara O’Brien’s assessment of the wearable technology market (“Checking the health of the fitness-tracking wearables market”, January 12th), the sector is showing broader signs of consolidation and maturation. For example, Fitbit has indeed acquired Pebble, but it has also acquired Vector. Watch companies are searching for new business models, including giving away devices, relying instead on the analysis and use of health and activity data gathered from wearers to offer a compelling service based on cloud computing. Others, such as Garmin, have shown how it is possible to understand a complex market and offer not only premium complex wearable technology devices to serious amateurs and professionals but to also thrive off simpler activity trackers aimed at more casual users. One thing is certain, however, that I can agree on with your correspondent: the need for wearable technology devices to look stylish and well on users. As they stand, most devices are little more than wardrobe malfunctions on the wrist. – Yours, etc,


Dublin 8.