Sir, I agree with Mr. D. K. Henderson that emigrants should not have the vote. For a small country like Ireland to give full voting rights to so many people not residing there would be bizarre. However as there is not the remotest chance that this will happen, I think that Mr. Henderson should calm down. Some minor level of representation at Seanad level is the most that is likely. The status quo will not be changed by this.

I don't know if Mr. Henderson has children. It would appear that he has not known the anguish that many Irish parents have of eventually being faced by the reality of a loved one leaving the country. I dare say that he, of all people, would be quick into print if anyone called a son or daughter of his a "foreigner."

In the next couple of weeks I, like many others, will return for Christmas and will again be impressed by the wonderful "Welcome Home" display at Dublin Airport. Presumably if Mr. Henderson had his way, the message. in lights would be different! - Yours, etc,

Avenue Laterale, 1180 Brussels.