Under new management

Sir, – Since the resignation of Martin O’Neill and Roy Keane, several pundits have been heard on the airwaves stressing the need to find “the right man for the job”. It may well be that the FAI will, indeed, advertise the gender-specific nature of the vacancy, but perhaps they should take a leaf from the book of our Minister of State for Higher Education, and actually insist that only females need apply? After all, surely the academic sphere is not the only entity which requires “gender balancing”? It could be treated as a matter of urgency, say, before the next important game?

Across the water, there is one particular female who may be looking for a change of career soon, and though no sporting experience is evident, certainly displays the doggedness and determination required to whip a squad into shape. – Yours, etc,





Co Cavan.

A chara, – Continually changing our international football manager is not going to create a consistently competitive team that can inspire a nation.

Ireland needs to examine and improve every element of football in this country and get these parts working cohesively together.

If not, we will be looking for our next international football manager in another couple of years to distract from the fundamental structural flaws damaging football progress in this country.

The FAI, which needs an honest examination of itself, just needs to glance at what the IRFU is achieving through their four provinces and international team.

The IRFU, through vision, planning and hard work, is building winning teams and developing world-class players on a continuous basis, most recently the sensational James Ryan, who is a mere 22 years of age.

Hundreds of thousands of people in Ireland love football and it is beyond time that someone, possibly our Minister for Sport, did something about it, because Irish football supporters deserve better than the current turmoil! – Is mise,



Dublin 6.