UN Policy On Iraq


A chara, - At the beginning of November, the UN overwhelmingly backed a resolution opposing the continuing US economic blockade of Cuba, which has led to huge suffering, especially in terms of food and medical shortages. This year 143 nations, including Ireland, supported the motion (an increase from 137 in 1996) with only the US, Israel and Uzbekistan voting against.

This action by the UN needs to be borne in mind in the context of the current situation in Iraq. The view put forward by the US and Britain is that existing UN resolutions give legal authority for military intervention in Iraq. This is especially the case, the US goes on to insist, because no state can be allowed to stand aside from resolutions of the UN.

Surely, therefore, logic would dictate that the US should itself be threatened with military action by the vast majority of the law abiding and peace loving member states of the UN?

No, of course not, that would be stupid and potentially disastrous for international stability. Clearly, UN resolutions backed by the US are quite different to those which have its support! - Is mise,

Douglas Hamilton,

Chairperson, Cuba Support Group - Belfast, Rockmount Street, Belfast 12.