UN Policy On Iraq


Sir, - How does the UN work - or does it work only when America calls the shots? Six years ago Baghdad was reduced to rubble, not because of the invasion of Kuwait, but because America always needs an enemy, ignores the UN, and is greedy for other people's oil reserves.

Weapons of mass destruction? My eye! Indonesia and some very doubtful African states have plenty. Israel is bristling with the most up-to-date stuff and we are promised its neutron bomb.

Sanctions, as in Cuba, have caused hunger in Iraq and a lack of basic medical care. Half-a-million Iraqi children who were unfortunate enough to escape death by "Desert Storm" died and still die lingering deaths. Is Clinton crazy enough to imagine that his inspectors would be welcome in Iraq?

As for Tony Blair, a fine Christian; he's only Clinton's creature. Almost all public role models for girls are high-flying career women/ mothers. - Yours, etc.,

Maureen McAlister,

Tara Court, Glasheen Road, Cork.