Sir, It occurs to me that an organisation capable of managing a workforce of 650 and turning in a profit of £5 million must have a very capable board of management, and middle management of considerable talent and expertise. I find it surprising and unsettling to my confidence in the upcoming corporate managers of Ireland that a management buyout is not being spoken of.

It is unsettling that national focus appears to be on the location of a buyer outside the country. Is it unreasonable to expect that our home grown managers are up to the task of continuing the work of this organisation?

Is it unreasonable to expect that the necessary technology and management transfer has occurred over the past twenty years? Is all the management going to transfer to low cost economies? Will none remain?

Yours, etc, Monasterevin, Co.Kildare.

PS If Irish managers cannot pull this one out of the fire I worry for the future of Irish industry.